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Cultural Partners

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Who in your community, what organizations are doing the work that supports positive cultural change and creates a culture of honesty, consent, compassion and peace?

This page will share names and organizations of those involved with or participating in the World Ancestor Concert and the on-going work that supports our theme of Women, Water & Peace.

Would you or your organization like to be one of our Cultural Partners?  See our Guidelines at the bottom of the page.  We look forward to building our Global Village Network.


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SHE Living TV - World Ancestor Concert Production/Cultural Partner


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We are excited to build our Global Village Network to support our World Ancestor Concert events and programming guided by our theme of Women, Water & Peace along with all the important work and messaging of your organization.  We are clear that now is the time for progressive, forward thinking and caring people and organizations to make meaningful statements in our world faced with immense challenges.  We look forward to being more closely allied with you.


Cultural Partner Guidelines include:

  1. Backlinks on our websites

  2. Cross-promotions on appropriate social media networks at mutually agreed upon regularity

  3. Utilize organizational, programmatic and special campaign hashtags as appropriate

  4. Promote regular and special events and programs

  5. Promote each organization's merchandising/products/premiums 

Note: These are general guidelines and we are open to discussion of what is mutually beneficial.