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World Ancestor Village Marketplace

Welcome to the World Ancestor Village Marketplace!

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Find strong and meaningful messaging on our shirts, hoodies, youth and baby clothes, flip-flops and drinkware, including home coffee/tea mugs, stainless travel mugs, glasses, flasks and a few more assorted items. Thanks for checking out our stores.  And please send us creative selfies and groupies with our merchandise - we'd love to post them here! 

World Ancestor Village Marketplace ≈

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Find concert theme clothing and drinkware that support Women, Water & Peace.and our beloved Ancestors!  And visit our section for  youth and baby Global Villagers!


"Powered by the Ancestors" black long sleeve shirtNow is the time text with Women, Water and Peace theme text over World Ancestor Concert URL travel mug with elephant graphics available at our World Ancestor Village Marketplace online store

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“The designs are great!”  

        - Christine, New Hampshire, USA


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Make a statement for consent, safety, humanity and the protection of all sacred waters! Clothing and drinkware available.  And visit our section for  youth and babies!

"Consent Zone" grey t-shirt with no touch graphicNO is a complete statement text travel mug available at the moja marketplace online store

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Our Marketplace online stores offer a variety of shirt styles that we are excited to share with you:

  • 100% cotton, tri-blend (polyester/cotton/rayon)
  • fitted
  • tank tops, sleeveless, 3/4 & long sleevecrew, V & scoop neck
  • plus (v & scoop neck)  and jr. sizes
  • sleeveless, short and long sleeve maternity
  • adult and youth hoodies
  • baby bodysuits and shirts

Marketplace Product Display:

All Store Sections display clothing generally in the following order -

  • Women's (Plus Size near top)
  • Maternity shirts
  • Men's
  • Our design team is currently adding gender titles to the products to facilitate finding correct sizing for particular body types.  We have had a policy of removing most of the gender designations as part of our philosophy, but upon further observation, we decided to add those titles to product names in parentheses.  We at moja mediaworks recognize and respect all people on the gender spectrum and seek to conduct our business at the highest level of respect and functionality for all.

♦ If you don't see a design you like on a shirt style you prefer, please fill out the Marketplace Customer Response Form and let us know what you desire.

♦ If you have experienced any problems with our online stores, please let us know by sharing on our  Marketplace Customer Response Form.  Thank you!


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Water Holders:   ~ email us! Supplies Limited! ~

Carry the healing, sacred energy of water with you, in your car, at your desk, wherever you go. Carry the blessing of the rain, of the oceans as we express and bring deeper awareness to the world that water IS life. We must protect the waters...as did our Ancestors...as will our children.

Small Glass Water bottles hold sacred water available at Etsy


And please, support the World Ancestor Concert by donating to our Fundly Campaign!  

Merci!  Obrigada!  Jerejef!  Thank you!  Gracias!  Asante!