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Thank you for your interest in the World Ancestor Concert event series!


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moja mediaworks llc and the World Ancestor Concert Team are seeking musical groups, bands and artists with forward-facing, progressive social justice messages and presence. Bands and artists that come from indigenous backgrounds and traditional expressions of culture are of particular interest.  We are motivated to build professional connections with those that give voice to our WAC event theme of Women, Water & Peace, the Ancestors and/or ideas, messages and activism that highlights awareness and work around issues of cultural strength, justice, traditional spirituality, political clarity and a love for Mother Earth and humanity, the Global Village.

In addition to our premiere WAC event, we are developing regional/local events and wish to keep on-going relationships with artists that speak to the above perspectives. Please fill out the  Artists Information Form and be free to reach out to us at mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com.


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Asante! Miigwetch! Gracias! Obrigada! Merci! Xiexie! 

Thank you for your interest and for sharing information about your work. 

We really appreciate it.