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A family of elephants walks across the plain, with the message, "follow us to the Voices of the Global Village blog"

What do you think, what do you know, what do you feel about the voices of the Global Village shared on the Our World page?

Leave your comments on the Our World - Voices from the Global Village blog post. And please tell us which voice, which link, article, website or video you are responding to. The intelligence, the wisdom the world needs right now comes from all four directions, from all corners, from all peoples, all cultures, all traditions.  The world needs the voices from the Global Village...the world needs you.

And stay connected and in touch with featured bloggers, activists, artists/musicians, organizers, cultural workers...maybe even YOU! Look for powerful and meaningful posts to come on our  Voices of the Global Village Blog!


A young elephant with short tusks walks toward the camera in the open African plain


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