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Welcome to our  Bar-Restaurant Online Store section!  We have created product design messaging that creatively and strongly supports consent, sexual safety and respect. We feel strongly, also, that it is fundamental that these messages are deliberately and thoughtfully carried into popular social culture and that bars and restaurants can be a key juncture for that. The historical social, political work that women and the LGBTQ community have done around sexual assault and harassment is important as awareness and cultural sensitivity rises due to the #metoo movement.

We are proud and highly motivated to make this Forward messaging available to Bars and Restaurants on relevant, functional product in support of women and others. We seek forward-thinking and socially-aware owners, managers and establishments that are willing to take this next step toward a more relevant business and social statement in the interest of the safety of their all-important clientele.


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Please take a moment to visit our  Bar-Restaurant Online Store section.  We are sure you will see the important relevance of bringing this design messaging into your business in support of your customers - and your staff.  We look forward to deepening conversation with you with respect to how these products can strengthen your business and become powerful, integrated parts of your branding. Be free to contact us at mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com to engage any questions or talk about further product and messaging possibilities.


Resources for Consent/Anti-Sexism/Dismantling Patriarchy


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