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Our world, the Global Village, is an amazing, challenging and inspiring place, full of people, cultures and lifeways, earth and nature interrelationships that our Ancestors have brought forward through time, sustainable living and their dedication to a world of justice, balance and peace.

The following resources are shared for the on-going support of learning, awareness, inspiration and motivation across the Global Village.

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Our World:

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Half view of the earth from space


1) Quotes – Worlds of Wisdom -


Winona LaDuke – 

♦ Power is not brute force and money; power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth.

♦ Someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesnt make a corporation a terrorist.


Text graphic of Winona LaDuke quote: Across the continent, on the shores of small tributaries, in the shadows of sacred mountains, on the vast expanse of the prairies, or in the safety of the woods, prayers are being repeated, as they have for thousands of years, and common people with uncommon courage and the whispers of their ancestors in their ears continue their struggles to protect the land and water and trees on which their very existence is based. And like small tributaries joining together to form a mighty river, their force and power grows....with graphic image of Winona LaDuke at top of image from azquotes.com


♦ Let us be the ancestors our descendants will thank.

♦ Water is life. We are the people who live by the water. Pray by these waters. Travel by the waters. Eat and drink from these waters. We are related to those who live in the water. To poison the waters is to show disrespect for creation. To honor and protect the waters is our responsibility as people of the land.

♦ It is essential to collectively struggle to recover our status as Daughters of the Earth. In that is our strength, and the security, not in the predator, but in the security of our Mother, for our future generations. In that we can insure our security as the Mothers of our Nations.

♦ What gives these corporations like CONOCO, SHELL, EXXON, DIASHAWA, ITT, RIO TINTO ZINC, and the WORLD BANK a right which supercedes or is superior to my human right to live on my land, or that of my family, my community, my nation, our nations, and to us as women?



Luisah Teish

♦ We are the ancestors of the future and what we do now will have an impact.


graphic text image of Luisah Teish quote: Sometimes the ancestors deem certain information so important that they send it to the subconscious mind without being consciously asked., with close-up portrait of her to the left of text


♦ I maintain that the biggest challenge in the new millennium could be a change of habit. We could change from a dominating commodity culture into one of true exchange in which we learn from each other in humility and respect. I do think it's possible. But it's up to us.



Vandana Shiva -

♦ We are either going to have a future where women lead the way to make peace with the Earth or we are not going to have a human future at all.

♦ The time has come to reclaim the stolen harvest and celebrate the growing and giving of good food as the highest gift and the most revolutionary act.


graphic text image of Vandana Shiva quote: The liberation of the earth, the liberation of women, the liberation of all humanity is the next step of freedom we need to work for, and it's the next step of peace that we need to create., with close-up portrait of her to the left of text


♦ When the forest is destroyed, when the river is dammed, when the biodiversity is stolen, when fields are waterlogged or turned saline because of economic activities, it is a question of survival for these people. So our environmental movements have been justice movements.

♦ Diversity creates harmony, and harmony creates beauty, balance, bounty and peace in nature and society, in agriculture and culture, in science and in politics.

♦ I do not allow myself to be overcome by hopelessness, no matter how tough the situation. I believe that if you just do your little bit without thinking of the bigness of what you stand against, if you turn to the enlargement of your own capacities, just that itself creates new potential.



Paula Gunn-Allen

♦ In the Native American tradition... a man, if he's a mature adult, nurtures life. He does rituals that will help things grow, he helps raise the kids, and he protects the people. His entire life is toward balance and cooperativeness. The ideal of manhood is the same as the ideal of womanhood. You are autonomous, self-directing, and responsible for the spiritual, social and material life of all those with whom you live.

♦ The root of oppression is the loss of memory.


graphic text image of Paula Gunn Allen quote: Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules, microscopic entities all come in communities. The singular cannot in reality exist., with close-up portrait of her to the left of text


♦ There are many female gods recognized and honored by the tribes and Nations. Femaleness was highly valued, both respected and feared, and all social institutions reflected this attitude. Even modern sayings, such as the Cheyenne statement that a people is not conquered until the hearts of the women are on the ground, express the Indians understanding that without the power of woman the people will not live, but with it, they will endure and prosper.

♦ What the Indians are saying is that they are recognizing the right of wilderness to be wilderness. Wilderness is not an extension of human need or of human justification. It is itself and it is inviolate, itself. This does not mean that, therefore, we become separated from it, because we don't. We stay connected if, once in our lives, we learn exactly what that connection is between our heart, our womb, our mind, and wilderness. And when each of us has her wilderness within her, we can be together in a balanced kind of way. The forever, we have that within us.

♦ Human beings need to belong to a tradition and equally need to know about the world in which they find themselves.



Audre Lorde - (Ancestor)

♦ There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.


graphic text image of Audre Lorde quote: I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own., with close-up portrait of her to the left of text


♦ Black and Third World people are expected to educate white people as to our humanity. Women are expected to educate men. Lesbians and gay men are expected to educate the heterosexual world. The oppressors maintain their position and evade their responsibility for their own actions. There is a constant drain of energy which might be better used in redefining ourselves and devising realistic scenarios for altering the present and constructing the future.



Susan Griffin -

♦ This earth is my sister; I love her daily grace, her silent daring, and how loved I am. How we admire this strength in each other, all that we have lost, all that we have suffered, all that we know: We are stunned by this beauty, and I do not forget: what she is to me, what I am to her.

♦ What is buried in the past of one generation falls to the next to claim.


graphic text image of Susan Griffin quote: Far more frightening than the thought of dying was the experience of erasure already occurring in my life. My fear of becoming someone who did not count., with close-up portrait of her to the left of text


♦ I know I am made from this earth, as my mother's hands were made from this earth, as her dreams came from this earth and all that I know, I know in this earth, the body of the bird, this pen, this paper, these hands, this tongue speaking, all that I know speaks to me through this earth.



John Trudell  - (Ancestor)

♦ The past is more than a memory.

♦ Sometimes when it rains, it's not that simple, when the sky has reasons to cry.


graphic text image of John Trudell quote:I'm just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing it's understanding of being human., with close-up portrait of him to the left of text


♦ We have power... Our power isn’t in a political system, or a religious system, or in an economic system, or in a military system; these are authoritarian systems... they have power... but it’s not reality. The power of our intelligence, individually or collectively IS the power; this is the power that any industrial ruling class truly fears: clear coherent human beings.



Malidoma Some -

♦ Healing comes when the individual remembers his or her identity—the purpose chosen in the world of ancestral wisdom—and reconnects with that world of Spirit.


graphic text image of Malidoma Patrice Some quote:Peace is Letting Go--Returning to the Silence that cannot enter the realm of words because it is too pure to be contained in words. This is why the tree, the stone, the river, and the mountain are quiet., with close-up portrait of him to the left of text


♦ The power of quiet is great. It generates the same feelings in everything one encounters. It vibrates with the cosmic rhythm of oneness. It is everywhere, available to anyone at any time. It is us, the force within that makes us stable, trusting, and loving. It is contemplation contemplating. Peace is letting go - returning to the silence that cannot enter the realm of words because it is too pure to be contained in words. This is why the tree, the stone, the river, and the mountain are quiet.

♦ The spiritual thirst that is latent in everybody can never come to a place of fulfillment unless people begin to think of each other as potential brothers and sisters.



All above quotes are retrieved from azquotes.com


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2) Videos (YouTube, Documentary + Titles) – 




Banner image of a short pile of DVD covers of social justice and environmental documentary videos


  • kweli TV is a video streaming platform that curates independent films, documentaries, web series, kids programming and news of the global black community -- North America, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa all in one place. - http://www.kweli.tv
  • "We Still Live Here: Âs Nutayuneân" - Anne Makepeace, 2010; www.MakepeaceProductions.com
  • "For the Next 7 Generations:13 Indigenous Grandmothers Weaving a World That Works" - The Center for Sacred Studies, 2009
  • "Blue Gold: World Water Wars" - Sam Bozzo, 2010
  • "FLOW (For Love Of Water): How Did A Handful of Corporations Steal Our Water?" - 2008
  • "Rachel Carson's Silent Spring" - 1993, 2007
  • "Women and Spirituality: The Goddess Trilogy" -
  • "North Country" - Drama based on true history of first women workers in mining industry, USA, 2005
  • "Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story" - 1992
  • "The Fast Runner" - 2002
  • "Sankofa" - directed by Haile Gerima, 1993
  • "The Future of Food" - 2004, 2007; www.thefutureoffood.com 
  • Urban Farming:


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3) Website Links – 


photo of section of an intricate spider web


  • kweli TV is a video streaming platform that curates independent films, documentaries, web series, kids programming and news of the global black community -- North America, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa all in one place. - http://www.kweli.tv
  • "The Art of Minga and Why We Should Be More Like Ecuador" -   http://fivepointfive.org/minga-ecuador/


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