Resources for Anti-Racism & Decolonization workshops

We invite you to explore some helpful online resources in our anti-oppression work toward dismantling racism and forwarding decolonization.  Our workshops are designed to create new personal, organizational and systemic awarenesses in the process of motivating social change and deeper levels of justice in our world, in the Global Village.


Western Turtle Island/USAmerican landscape with road going off into the far distance of mesas and bluffs, text reads, "Racial Justice: Getting Clear on the Concepts", smaller text saying, "Democracy Center, Cambridge MA USA, starts July 3, every two weeks" and "#DismantleRacism" hashtag
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♦ We continue our Racial Justice: Getting Clear on the Concepts series sessions on July 17, 2019. Please be free to pass on this  Workshop Series to your network.  


Anti-Racism/Decolonization Resources:






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Dismantling Racism for Non-PoC/Non-Indigenous People

24 points for allyship, dismantling white privilege and racism

written by Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed., © 2017


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  • race
  • racism
  • prejudice (oppressive, defensive)
  • power
  • discrimination (oppressive, defensive)
  • control vs. hate
  • oppression
  • target/agent
  • colonialism
  • colonization
  • indigenous
  • First Nations
  • Original Peoples
  • Aboriginals
  • blood quantum
  • reservations/reserves/bantustan s/townships
  • allotment
  • papal bull
  • Doctrine of Discovery/Manifest Destiny
  • Christian/religious privilege 
  • predatory missiology/missionary work
  • Christian evangelism
  • wetiko/wetiko disease
  • culture
  • anti-culture
  • Intersectionality
  • whiteness
  • white fragility
  • privilege
  • European/white privilege
  • white supremacy
  • white nationalism
  • red-lining
  • racialization
  • code-switching
  • micro-aggression
  • tone policing
  • epigenetics/intergenerational trauma
  • dehumanization
  • cultural appropriation
  • [reverse racism]
  • immigration/immigrant
  • xenophobia
  • food deserts 
  • environmental justice
  • ally
  • accomplice
  • centering
  • progressive stack


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Please be free to engage us and others in the Global Village through our Global Media Network platforms.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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