The Road to the World Ancestor Concert - The Spirit of a Global Event

Music is the heart, the universal language of the World Ancestor Concert.

This music expresses the powerful spirit of the conscious artists and meaningful songs we are assembling for this amazing global concert event!



Empowering, motivational traditional and contemporary artists in a rich, exciting multi-cultural, multi -generational setting.

The World Ancestor Concert is the first of its kind, shining a light on the beauty and strength of global culture in a world stage.



3 days of great music rich with empowering message, meaning and lyrics, world culture, Ancestral traditions, activists from around the globe, tributes to amazing workers for social change - creating the world we know is possible.


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This is the concert series the world, our Global Village has been waiting for!

This is the first mega-concert event of its kind, not for the size of the venue, but for the size of its audience.



The World Ancestor Concert, full of the songs that move millions of hearts, will now be powerfully poised to move billions.



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Visit our World Ancestor Concert YouTube channel for more amazing music that expresses the spirit of the events we are developing.

And watch rich cultural videos, listen to the wisdom of cultural workers, leaders and healers from the Global Village and even more music and dance from all around Our World.



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