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Karibu!  Welcome to our Voices of the Global Village blog portal page!

We invite you to read and leave thoughtful comments on our growing number of meaningful and informative blog posts written by Global Villagers, activists, healers, cultural workers and social change activists from around the world.


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We also invite you to submit writing and perspectives, stories, poetry, song lyrics, Ancestral knowings and deepest thoughts about our brightest futures. We are particularly interested in writings or 800 words or more that support our World Ancestor Concert theme of Women, Water & Peace.  And while that theme covers a lot of ground, we know there are many more subjects, topics and issues that are important to peace and social change in Our World, the Global Village. 


Some of our current blog posts include:

Beverly Scott - "Yesterday While at the Thrift Store"

Sherrilene Collymore - assorted poetry

Lisa Lambert - "On Science, Nature, Children and a Culture of Life"

Julia Priest - "In the River of Sound: Nature, Music and Children"

and more, including WAC Team Bloggers.


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