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The World Ancestor Concert is developed as a 3-day televised/streamed empowering global concert event created in part as a celebration of the world’s Ancestors, their traditions and cultures. Powered by internationally and regionally known conscious and traditional musicians and artists, this profound concert event is created to shine a light on the amazing contributions and lives of our Ancestors and the amazing work of their children, the activists and social change organizations that the Concert will feature throughout the event.


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Our theme is Women, Water & Peace and gives this important and timely event a focus that is profound and present.  Millions….billions of women are rising up against oppression, raising their voices to bring justice and balance back to this troubled world.  Water, essential to all life, is a global issue, from Flint, Michigan (USA) to Standing Rock (Oceti Sakowin) to Zimbabwe to the mining towns of China to Brazil to the maquilladores of Mexico and the women in India struggling against corporate abuses of land and water and beyond.  And clearly, our current global political climate behooves us to hold peace as a standard for the outcomes of our human struggles for justice all around the Global Village.

“Who can say no to women, water and peace?” – Wyoma, WAC Team, Principal Choreographer

The World Ancestor Concert, though similar in some ways to other musical shows like that of Global Citizen (NYC), Festival in the Desert (Africa) or the Equal Justice Initiative Association’s Concert for Peace and Justice (Alabama, USA) is differentiated and empowered by a number of exceptional elements:

  • multi-cultural programming
  • multi-generational programming, presence and prospective audience
  • multi-hour children’s/youth programming segment
  • Women’s International Drum Summit
  • tributes to Standing Rock water protectors and the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
  • Calling of Names – tribute to the Ancestors of the Global Village
  • integrated interview and presentation segments by indigenous and international activists and organizations
  • integrated international viewing party campaign


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There is no better moment to have developed this concert event, born out of a cool evening of warm community around a sacred fire.  Now IS the timeOur World is in dire need of an opportunity to experience our strength, beauty, resilience and our timeless humanity voiced not only in the universal language, but in dance, art, in powerful truth from the mouths of the Elders to the mouths of babes. 

This is our moment to bring the best of who we are and can be to the world stage, to remember, to celebrate those we love and respect who have come before us and all of those shining lights that They brought into the world – together – at this time to create the world of justice, compassion, respect, peace and love that they knew was ultimately possible.


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Additionally, please visit us in our Global Media Network – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. We’d love to connect with you, no matter where in the Global Village you live and share the ideas and interests that are important to us all. 

Sponsoring the World Ancestor Concert:

The World Ancestor Concert Team looks forward with great anticipation to continuing the process of developing and producing this ground-breaking, awareness-raising and spiritually-motivating concert event.  We are excited to continue our process of engaging prospective Integrated Sponsors to provide foundational revenue for the production of this historic concert event and the series that we project will come out of this key premier global event.  Please contact the WAC Team at mojamediaworks [at] gmail [dot] com.  We will be happy to share our pitch deck with you and discuss the numerous benefits of Integrated Sponsorship and the ways you or your organization can become involved.


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Ukumbwa Sauti,

World Ancestor Concert Producer/Creator,

interviewed by James Milan, ACMI, 2017  (46:54)



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