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Since the dawn of human history, our Ancestors have created sustainable lifeways that held us in intimate and informed relationship to the Earth and Nature, identifying grounded healing practices and scientific and spiritual ways of seeing that allowed us expansive ways of seeing each other, our environments and the universe. Deep and abiding healing and the reconciliation of persistent community and cultural challenges can be realized as we resolve our integral relationships with the Ancestors. Our Ancestors have shone a light from our human past upon our present, illuminating meaningful paths to our collective futures. The World Ancestor Concert was created out of the fundamental awareness and experience of the Ancestors’ importance in our lives.


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Why the Ancestors?

  • Cultures throughout the Global Village remember, revere and have relationship with their Ancestors
  • We all have people who have died that we miss, that we love and hold close to our hearts and lives
  • The communal experience of death and our mortality is universal, a powerful and profound point of unity for the human family
  • Globally, numerous cultures recognize their Ancestors as present, active, a source of guidance and healing directly and indirectly in their lives
  • Our Ancestors, though not perfect, sustained and created a beautiful world for us and invented everything of value to humanity


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  • Even Ancestors that participated in creating past and current systems of oppression and exploitation now stand as profound motivation for current social change
  • Our Ancestors, throughout the Global Village, created sustainable cultures, powerful healing traditions that support and guide us to this day
  • Many have stated strongly that difficult human issues are more problematic without a serious engagement, informationally and spiritually, of our Ancestors
  • Cultures all over the world have faced tremendous and untold odds and have survived and thrived due to a faithful adherence to the traditions their Ancestors have created
  • Our Ancestors have given birth to the very best that is us, that is humanity.  We are the ultimate creation of our Ancestors, the best hope for seeing their most loving hopes and aspirations for us, for the world come to fruition




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