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Further Workshop/Class/Presentation Descriptions available upon request.  All are able to be customized for the needs of your community, group, organization or institution.

♦ Consent: Ask For It will cover basic definitions of consent ranging from the technical, to social/political and sexual, physical and emotional contexts. Topics to be covered will be the presumption of sex, Sexualization of women, sexual expectations of men, LGBTQ community issues, misogyny, patriarchy, sexualized violence and male entitlement. The social and political ramifications of sexualized violence, assault and harassment are key to this conversation, especially in the light of the #metoo movement and increasing levels of pushback against cultural change.  In addition the participants will be guided through a discussion of the Gateways of Connection, 18 semi-permeable checkpoints with which to define the process in which sexual consent can be violated or granted with various outcomes. These Gateways include directed thought, texting, levels of physical presence, various levels of verbalization and physical contact.


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♦ Communication and Negotiation In Intimate and Sexual Connection will identify important areas of concern for fuller, more aware and meaningful communications while developing intimate and/or sexual connection. This class will cover rationale for effective and meaningful communication, communication interfaces, identifying what the communicators want from the connection, identifying types of communication and communicators, safety, effective listening, the dynamics of expectations, power differentials, the power of “no” and “enthusiastic yes”, consent and communication after the fact.  This conversation is applicable for people new to intimate contact, those that need to improve their ways of communicating and veteran communicators, many of whom can get caught up in persistent habits without being critical of their process.

♦ Race: Organizational Diversity and Inclusion boldly engages the history of colonialism and race, important vocabulary and working definitions along with the dynamics of personal identity and family histories. European/white privilege is put into perspective in addition to the discussion of the systemic and structural nature of racism. Exercises, small and large group discussions give context to the connection between personal, communal and organizational culture giving important foundation to organizational reports leading to racial and cultural organizational assessments and the identification of new visions and projections for action and change.

♦ Dagara Cosmology: Bringing Balance and Healing to Community lays a general foundation for the Dagara culture of Burkina Faso in West Africa, outlining important elements of Dagara lifeways. The five cosmological elements of fire, water, earth, mineral and nature are presented in the context of the Dagara medicine wheel, highlighting the energetic nature of these elements and their impact and presence on the personal, communal and spiritual levels and how those levels are innately intertwined.  The integral role of the Ancestors and ritual is covered along with an application of numerological dynamics to the attendees personally and collectively.


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