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moja mediaworks presents facilitates engaging and informative workshops on numerous topics and social issues catered toward supporting individual and community awareness, growth and engagement. We are dedicated to seeing social change, organizational development and the dismantling of problematic systems and structures of oppression that plague our modern world, particularly in light of our current political climate.


Our Workshops:

  • tailor content and formats that are functional, supportive and transformative for higher education, organizations, groups and communities 
  • program events for elder groups, high school, intergenerational and other populations
  • can engage deeper experiences through music, movement & theater
  • incorporate an approach to anti-oppression work that is grounded, relevant and creative  


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The moja mediaworks model  integrates inspiring, motivating cultural content, media and arts in an interactive format to promote progressive communal and social change from multiple levels of engagement and participation.

Our topics and subject areas include the following:

  1. Consent: Ask For It
  2. Communication & Negotiation In Intimate and Sexual Connection
  3. Conversations on Sexual Violence
  4. Conversations on Race
  5. Conversations on Decolonization
  6. Race: Organizational Diversity and Inclusion 
  7. Racial Justice
  8. Dagara Cosmology: Bringing Balance and Healing to Community
  9. Women's Roundtable
  10. Men's Work: Dismantling Patriarchy
  11. Men Healing Men (available as a 3-day weekend experience)

Sample Workshop/Class Descriptions


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    Classes/Presentations/Workshops available as:

    • 2 hour Class/Presentation/Discussion (preferred booking 2-3 weeks in advance)
    • 4 hour Morning/Afternoon/Evening Workshop (3-5 weeks)
    • 7 hour Full Day Workshop (4-6 weeks, team facilitation available)
    • Full Day Workshop with Evening Event (8-12 weeks, team facilitation available)


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    Resources for Anti-Racism/Decolonization workshops  

            Dismantling Racism for Non-PoC/Non-Indigenous People

               24 points for allyship, dismantling white privilege and racism

    written by Ukumbwa Sauti, M.Ed., © 2017


    Resources for Anti-Misogyny/Dismantling Patriarchy workshops

            Dismantling Patriarchy for Men 

               11 points for accomplices/allyship, dismantling patriarchy and misogynoir (Thank you, Dr. Moya Bailey)/misogyny


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    Please take a look at our Forward and Dare to Wear design messaging products.  Keep powerful social change conversations open and often by wearing and using our products in the home, work, school and al social and community events and experiences. Bring powerful messages and narratives creatively and powerfully into the Global Village.


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    Visit our Online Stores!


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